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23E Studios in Conjunction with The Museum of Viral Memory and Fringe Exhibitions Presents Disembody is currently in post-production.

For this project, we assembled a crew of over thirty people, from San Francisco to Chicago to Tokyo, to create a feature length film (working title: Disembody) documenting the creation of a single work of contemporary Fine Art. This art work was a theater, the Morgellon, installed at Fringe Exhibitions in L.A.'s Chinatown gallery district. The theater was built to show Disembody.

For this work we relocated to Los Angeles; founded a movie studio (23E Studios); produced a feature length film; built a theater to show the film; and sponsored a one week run of the film (extended to two weeks due to popular demand).

The show opened on July 12, 2008. For one week Fringe was open to the public while we constructed the theater, lobby, arcade, etc. During that time we also shot and edited the film.

On July 19th, Disembody premiered. The theater showed the film on a daily schedule until August 3rd, 2008.

From August 4th to August 11th, Fringe was open to the public while we documented the de-installion of the theater.

Architect's rendering of construction for the 23E Studios theater, as constructed in Fringe Exhibitions.





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